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Bay-Land Enterprises Co. Ltd.

  Imperial Sword (1977)
  Tai Chi Shadow Boxing (1980)
  Night Woman (1986)
  Lover and Killer (1987)
  The Vice Squad (1988)
  Angels in Hell (1988)
  Huangse Mihunzhen (1988)
  Hong Chun Chun Meng (1988)
  Big Pirate (1989)
  Jiang Hu Nu Ji Zhe (1989)
  Gamble Life, Gamble Sexuality (1989)
  Cheng Shi Biao Nu (1990)
  Haunted House Elf (1990)
  Demons (1991)
  Bewitched Area of Thousand Years (1991)
  Wolf of Revenge (1992)