Kuo Hwa Motion Picture Co., Ltd.

Alias :
Alias: Kuo-Hwa Motion Picture Co., Ltd.
Alias :
Alias: Kow Hwa Mortion Picture Co., Ltd.
Production Company
  Xi Fen Fei (1930)
  A Cheated Girl (1938)
  Little Heroine (1939)
  Dong Xiao Wan (1939)
  A Dancing Girl (1939)
  Meng Jiang Nu (1939)
  Merry Prince (1940)
  Dr. Li and the Mummy (1940)
  Romance of Su San (1940)
  Dr. Li and Dongfang Shuo (1940)
  Heroes in the Turbulent Days (1940)
  The West Chamber (1940)
  Xin Mei Ren Ji (1941)
  A Soul at Night (1941)
  Hong Xing Chu Qiang Ji Shang Ji (Part 2) (1941)
  Hong Xing Chu Qiang Ji Shang Ji (Part 1) (1941)
  The Night (1941)
  Imperial Concubine Mei (1941)
  Prince Ciyun Flees His Country (1950)
  The Kunlun Girl Steals the Red Scarf by Night (1956)
  Beauty's Head Is Misplaced (1957)
  How Prince Xinling Stole the General's Seal to Save the State of Zhao (1957)
  Happy Reunion (1957)
  How Xue Rengui Thrice Mocked Liu Jinhua (1957)
  The Sign of Wealth (1957)
  Prince of Thieves (1958)
  Two Sisters-in-law (1958)
  Prince of Thieves (The Sequel) (1958)
  The Lucky Star of the Golden Palace (1958)
  Luring the Girls On (1959)
  The Fairy of Ninth Heaven (1959)
  The Filial Wife Moved the Mother-in-Law (1959)
  Happy Lovers (1959)
  Knotted Love (1966)
  I Hate You Deeply (1967)
  A Time for Reunion (1968)
  The Beautiful Swordswoman (1969)
  The Begging Swordsman (1970)
  Struggle for a Vengeance (1971)
  Let Me Cry! (1972)
  The Cupid (1973)
  Ever Victorious Hall (1974)
  Where's the Swallow Way (1974)
  I Am in Love (1975)
  The Black Justice (1976)
  Pen She Shi Di Ai Qing (1977)
  Death Duel of Mantis (1978)
  Ku Qing Cao (1980)
  The Gambler's Duel (1981)
  No Way to a Girl (1982)