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O.K. Post-Production Company

OK Post-Production
Cantonese Dubbing
  Infernal Affairs (2002)
  Wo Hu (2006)
  Frozen (2010)
  Gallants (2010)
  Flirting in the Air (2014)
  Shock Wave (2017)
  Colour of the Truth (2003)
  Set Up (2005)
  Confession of Pain (2006)
Mandarin Dubbing
  Infernal Affairs (2002)
Cantonese Dialogue Dubbing
  The Bodyguard (2016)
Cantonese Dubbing Director
  Playboy Cops (2008)
  A Secret Between Us (2013)
  Iceman 3D (2013)
  Imprisoned: Survival Guide for Rich and Prodigal (2015)
Cantonese Dubbing Team
  Agent Mr Chan (2018)
  Deception of the Novelist (2019)
Cantonese Dialogue Director
  The Fantastic Water Babes (2010)
Cantonese Dialogue
  Twins Mission (2007)
  Ming Ming (2007)