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ZrS (1979)
Z Men

Reviewed by: calros
Date: 01/21/2007
Summary: Jing Ao-Hsing's international effort.

Jing, the most famous (and prolific) Taiwanese author of war movies, made in 1982 his first project targeted to the foreign market. It was co-produced by Australia, which enrolled a fistful of promising new faces. Only Bryan Brown is missing. The story takes place in 1945, when an Australian commando leaded by Gibson arrives to a Taiwanese village occupied by the Japanese Army searching for the survivors of an air crash. Their contact here is local hero Lin (Koo Chuan-Hsiung) and his daughter, teacher Chien Huan (Chang Ai-Chia), who will fall in love with John Philip Law. She is the only native who speaks English here. The Japanese forces, leaded by Yee Yuen, will meet the commando in a final and bloody battle.

The story isn't nothing special and is plenty of typical war topics, but the rhythm of direction is very good and Chang (and of course little O Ti, too) do a great performance. Nice rare movie.

Reviewer Score: 6