Cs (2009)
Look for a Star

Reviewed by: ororama
Date: 02/27/2010

Look For a Star is a conventional romantic comedy that never really surprises, but consistently entertains. Andy Lau plays Sam Ching, a billionaire in Macao on a business trip. He pursues free-spirited casino dealer and dancer Milan, played by Shu Qi. The two actors are effortlessly charming. The conflict that separates the characters seems organic, arising out of her feeling that he has subordinated their relationship to his business interests, and his recognition that his position and personal history make the corporation's intrusion on his personal relationship reasonable, although he makes a token effort to resist.

On their arrival in Macao, Sam sets up a blind date for his chauffeur, Tim (Dominic Lam), with a divorced woman (Zhang Xin-Yi) who has a young daughter. The conflict that arises in this relationship seems forced, since they hit it off immediately, and Sam vouches for her character whenever Tim expresses any doubts about her. Tim fears being made to appear a fool, but it seems like he is looking for an excuse to break off with her for no good reason.

Jo (Denise Ho), Sam's assistant, is ready to begin a relationship after devoting herself to her career. She is dismayed to find that the assistant who she considered her best prospect has chosen a younger woman. A sincere hotel maintenance worker (Zhang Hanyu) falls for her, and refuses to accept her attempts to keep a distance between them by patronizing him. The class difference between these characters creates the most real conflict in the movie, but their relationship is unfortunately the least explored of the three.

The three relationships ultimately end up as subjects on a reality TV show. It seems improbable that Sam would subject himself to this, but it serves as a device for him to demonstrate humility and sincerity.

The lovely Macao settings are shown to good advantage. Andy Lau and Shu Qi deliver fine performances, Denise Ho is funny and endearing, and Zhang Hanyu gives a strong, confident performance.

Look for a Star is a winning romantic comedy. It's a type of story that has been done many times before, but that doesn't diminish the pleasure of watching this expertly crafted film.