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孤星血淚 (1955)
An Orphan's Tragedy

Reviewed by: estraven
Date: 02/19/2007
Summary: Worth watching

Poor Fuk-Wan (or Frank, in the subtitles) is orphaned as a baby and taken in a by a kindly blacksmith in an impoverished village. As a teen his path crosses that of an escaped convict, a medical doctor framed by evil medical administrator Toh, whose hospital refuses to admit patients who can't pay. Without giving too much away, the convict turns out to be his father, who anonymously supports the boy's education, hoping that he will become a doctor himself, and open a hospital for the village. Bruce Lee plays Fuk-wan as a child. He leaves for school and returns 10 years later, played by Cheung Wood-Yau, looking quite a bit too old for someone in his early 20s! The evil doctor, who knows who Fuk-Wan's father is, sets events in motion to ruin the son as he did the father, and Fuk-Wan's life takes a turn for the complicated. This film is definitely worth watching. Bruce Lee is great as the kid, and the film and main character arc remain consistently interesting, unlike The Guiding Light, which I felt lost a lot of impact once the orphan grows up, and the film turns into schmaltz.

Reviewer Score: 6