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The Devoted Lover

Reviewed by: dleedlee
Date: 07/26/2004

Run of the mill story, of interest mainly for the cast. The first three quarters of the film is pretty good but the ending is completely unbelievable. Pak Yin, as ever, is positively luminous and sports a mole this time around. Director Ng Wui has done much better but the fault lies with the story.

The story:
Fai (Cheung Wood-Yau) and So-Chau (Pak Yin) accidently meet on board ship. Fai turns out to be her employer. They fall in love but his father (Lee Kwan Shan) won't allow their marriage due to their class differences. Fai marries Yuk-Chen (Mui Yee) instead. So-Chau bears his daughter and raises her. By chance, the daughter Mei works in his factory and he sees the resemblance (down to her mole) to his former love even seventeen years removed. Fai, of course, learns that Mei really is her daughter and finds So-Chau. All pretty standard for a Cantonese melodrama, so far.


What's unbelievable is that Fai's wife seeing how much they love each other, leaves behind a letter and runs off for Macau, keeping her wedding vow, so that the three can be reunited as a family. That strains credulity even for this genre.

Reviewer Score: 5