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MC (1965)
Two Swordswomen

Reviewed by: heinz Germany
Date: 06/29/2018
Summary: More drama than martial arts

The title and the 2 famed action directors let me hope for rather decent fighting action - but sadly it was not the case. Rather a family drama than a wuxia novel. When Ha Wa enters the stage it still looks promising, when she demonstrate a twin-sword swirling form. But the fighting action is few and does not feel like the usual Tang Chia & Liu Jia-Liang quality and none of their stuntman are to be seen. (very small cast indeed)
Liu Jia-Liang's most demanding scene is to carry a huge wine-yar instead of fighting as an extra at least.
So I can't see the reason why that movie demands the Action directing of those two master minds since the
best fight scenes are displayed by Shek Kien and Simon Yuen who actually don't need any choreograher themselves. Shek Kien plays not the usual villain but a sincere person and steals the scene from the other actors. He should be billed as the lead actor since he is the center of the whole story. There is no final battle and no real villain and not a single person is killed except Ng Tung who is struck in a burning house.

I wonder why every male actor wears a thick fur-hat even when they are wiping the sweat from their faces -
does the hats refer to a special period in history or to a certain aerea? I never get it...

Reviewer Score: 4