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七彩胡不歸 (1966)
Eternal Love

Reviewed by: sookjenwong
Date: 09/22/2006
Summary: Love conquers all

Chan Po Chu and Siao Fong Fong on the silver screen during the 60's were the best screen couple...the chemistry between them is just extraordinary. When you watch this movie, you can feel them feel for each other.

The story is about Man Ping San(Chan Po Chu) on his travels fall sick and is taken in by Chu Mo (Chang San) and Chu Pung Leung(Siao Fong Fong) and nurse back to health. Man is to marry Pung Leung as a suggestion of her father. They travel home, but Mama Man does not like her because she is sickly. Man's cousins - one of them played by Mu Kwai Nu wants to marry Man and the brother, who is the cousin wants Pung Leung. So they devised a way to get rid of Pung Leung saying she is sick and contagious. Ultimately, this plan worked because Man's mother believes them. She is kicked out while Man goes to take charge of troops against the enemy. When Man returns, he finds out his wife is gone. He runs to find her and finds out from the father in-law she died.

Very sad, and heart broken, Man sings of tragedy and sadness that (he) would rather end (his) life. Fainted and dreaming (he) is in heaven, sees Pung Leung as a fairy and never to return.

Waking up (he) finds that Pung Leung is not dead and that she fake death so noone looks for her and she also realizes how much Man loves her. Meanwhile Man's mother realizes what has all happen and begs her good daughter in-law to return. A Happy Ending!

The songs here are fantastic. The chemistry between them are great. Chan is at her best in this opera. Though Siao did not do her own singing, she acted quite well.

Overall, a very enjoyabel cantonese opera with refreshing music

As a movie, I would give it a 10...but because of some of the cuts in the songs, I am giving total of 9

Reviewer Score: 9