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T(W) (1966)
The Aftermath of a Fire (Part 1)

Reviewed by: sookjenwong
Date: 10/08/2006
Summary: Good story, good chemistry, good fighting

Ling Yun is the scriptwriter for this 2 parter swordsplay movie. It appears when he writes a script and the stars in it are Siao Fong Fong and Chan Bo Chu, you are to be sure to enjoy it.

This movie is about wrong turn of events that turned to be positive. Yeen Yung Nam(Chan Bo Chu) and (his) see mui(same school - younger sister) Gay Mei(Lee Qui On) investigates their teacher's death which could be a murder 15 years later. Meets up with playful, innocent Yung Bing(Siao Fong Fong). The events leading to Yeen setting fire on a school and killing one of the students are the start of his ending of his life in 3 years time. He vows to kill himself in front of the school after given 3 years to find his teacher's murder. Little did he know the murderer was right there - Chai Ming (Shek Kin). As they investigate the murders, it leads up to a cave of 2 strange teachers- in which it leads to a fight scene between Gay Mei and Yung Bing, both are hurt and both will die without proper treatment. Enters a rich young man Mok played by Ng Teen Fung who gets the proper care from Sow Kay Hak (Go Lo Chuern. Yeen goes and gives treatment to Yung Bing and that was start of their relationship. Further relationship develops when Yung Bing realizes Yeen only has a short time to live and wishes to accompany her love. Til death due us part!

In the next few scenes, you find out who the killer is and the killer's daughter tries to help Yeen and company every which way to redeem her father's wrong doings- by disguising herself as a man - uses the name Wun Gong Gay but she is really Chai Gong Ying( Mui Kwai Nu).

The last scene of part 1 have Chan and Siao going up the pagoda to find clues to the murder. This scene was later copied and use in Bruce lee's Tower Of Death.

The collaboration of Siao and Chan are just something you cannot forget and find it rewarding to watch. The acrobatic Lee Qui On is quite good in his arts. The fight scenes are very well done.

Reviewer Score: 9