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ۯ} (1973)
The Awaken Punch

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/21/2005
Summary: Overwrought melodrama

The theme from The Godfather is played several times, and there's much plotting, villainy and talk, but not a whole lot of action. Yu Yung punches out the villains and is very effective in doing so, but the villains don't get much of a chance to show off their fighting skills. Mostly, they beat up people who can't fight back e.g. shopkeepers and Gong's family. Things look especially bad when one of the characters decides to go to the law to stop the thuggery, and gets beaten up before getting to town, in an appallingly long and dull chase scene.

As to the title I saw this DVD under, Buddhist Shaolin Avengers, there's no trace at all of the first and second, but at least there's a whole lot of avenging. Overall, below average, but okay if you're bored.

Reviewer Score: 3