gln (1984)
The Other Side of Gentleman

Reviewed by: xiaoka
Date: 03/10/2002
Summary: oh man...

This movie definitely could serve as a quintissential example of HK romantic films of the mid-80s. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone except for that kitch quality unless you are a big Alan Tam or Brigitte Lin fan. it has a few laughs, and the bizarre ending is memorable, albeit clitched. (the Jeans Analogy is quite powerful!) OK, maybe its worth seeing for the plastic jackets that seemed to be all the rage that year...

Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

As part of a sociology experiment, Brigitte Lin tries to getlower-class playboy Alan Tam to fall in love with her. Not only does he fall for her, but he finds it impossible to return to his playboy life. He then spends the last half of the movie trying to convince Brigitte that their love for each other is real. Alan and Brigitte are not a very convincing couple, so this movie never really takes off.