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花女情狂 (1985)
Smile Again

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 06/21/2002
Summary: Sexy soap

This movie is an odd mixture of cheap porn and glossy soap. The production values are A-grade, and the film looks good. The first hour is pretty much a silly light sex fantasy with lashings of soap. The nudity is fairly frequent but always discreet, and a bit too much so.

The final thirty minutes get a bit weird and quite unusual, and I found this part very entertaining. Unlike the first hour, the nudity goes full frontal, starting with a photo shoot of an unnamed blonde and continuing with the often-naked Maria Yuen, who does a stunning turn in the long and dramatic final scene.

The script is a wild mish-mash which sometimes loses focus. For instance, Kwong Mei Bo starts out as the apparent star, but she is gradually sidelined in favour of her character's sister. Maria's characterization changes from silly, raunchy tart to free-spirit to serious young woman. And it's very hard to believe that Tony, whose profession is photographing glamorous girls, could be such a prude and so shy, at least for most of the movie. At least Charlie Cho and Madam Lam's characters are consistent, if drawn with a shade too much extravagance.

Overall, not too bad a way to pass ninety minutes.

Reviewer Score: 5