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花街時代 (1985)
My Name Ain't Suzie

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 12/14/2005
Summary: Not so hot

The Suzie in the title refers to The World Of Suzy Wong, a great novel by British author Richard Mason which was made into a terrible Hollywood movie in 1960. Like Suzy, Shu Mei goes to work in a bar in Wanchai around the late 1950s, where sailors and foreign money are plentiful. But there isn't much similarity beyond this.

While nowhere near as awful as the Hollywood movie, My Name Ain't Suzie fails to live up to any of the promise of its title or DVD cover art. It is episodic and mostly depressing. The movie certainly does not shrink from the grim realities of being a bargirl, but I felt it could have been far more gritty.

The main problem I have with this film is the apparent lack of personality of the lead character. Pat Ha plays Shui Mei as though she is a different person in nearly every scene, never once appearing to be an integrated character and, despite her many trials, I found it difficult to feel anything much for her, even pity. She's simply a very weak character.

Anthony Wong is more watchable, in his debut role, and I wish he'd has more screen time.

Overall, this film was rather disappointing, but not too hard to watch all the way through.

Reviewer Score: 4