|׻b (1991)
Temptation Summary II

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 11/27/2002
Summary: Enjoyable mixed bag

Ho Fan's name on the credits as director is both a good and a bad sign. On the good side, his films always seem to contain at least one lyrical and beautiful fantasy sequence. On the down side, his scripts are often choppy and wander all over the place.

TS II is no exception. It contains several dream or fantasy sequences, all of which I enjoyed. The script meanders between about four different sets of characters and is irritatingly unfocussed at times, which is a pity.

But there's more on the plus side. In common with Ho's better films, TS II features loads of full frontal nudity provided by the four lead actresses, some of it quite pleasant. And having two of the most likeable Cat III actors in HK, Tsui Man Wa and Lee Chung Ling, is a big help too. These two Cat III veterans generate a friendly warmth on screen which few others seem able to match, and they romp around together like old mates.

There's a few other well-known faces in the cast, including perennial old reprobates Hung Fung and Ho Pak Kwong, another Cat III veteran and big mouth Chan Kin Yat, and the always hilarious Ma Chao.

Cat III films in HK often suffer from extreme amounts of silly gore and violence. There are a couple of scenes here where people are attacked, mainly in the wild action-packed finale (where the four nude girls fight back against a gang of thugs), but the violence is more comic than gory. Therefore, this film is fairly close to being non-violent erotica.

And keep watching during the credits, where they play a few of the out-takes that went wrong. A nice way to end a fun film.

Overall, and although this isn't Ho Fan at his best, there's enough fun and nudity to hold interest throughout.

Reviewer Score: 7