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表姐,妳好野!續集 (1991)
Her Fatal Ways II

Reviewed by: mrblue
Date: 07/18/2008

In Her Fatal Ways II, Carol "Dodo" Cheng plays Nan, a member of the Mainland's police force who travels to Hong Kong with her sidekicks (Alfred Cheung and Michael Chan) to track down a deadly gunrunner. The trio team up with a Hong Kong inspector, Wu (Waise Lee), and the culture clash holds up the investigation for a bit. But eventually everyone learns to team up and heads forward to bring the criminal to justice.

Her Fatal Ways II is your average Hong Kong comedy movie, meaning that you're probably going to love it or hate it. I would suspect most of those falling into the "hate" camp would be westerners, because like a lot of HK comedies, most of of the humor is very specifically tailored to the region. Whether it's the "country bumpkin in the big city" kind of stuff like Dodo being confused by the stewardesses on a "fancy" flight, or Cantonese wordplay like when Dodo tries to infiltrate a Triad gang by using slang, most of the stuff here is going to fly over the heads of non-Hong Kongers.

That's not to say none of the comedy works for English speakers. There's several funny sequences that'll appeal to just about anyone, such as when Dodo mangles a song at a karaoke bar. When she tries to sing another, the video is replaced with footage from a telethon, which leads to some chuckle-inducing results. It's just a shame those moments are pretty few and far between.

Also, for a movie that is pretty breezy and family-friendly for most of its' running time, some viewers might find the violent turn during the last half-hour or so jarring. Something like this is definitely not unheard of in Hong Kong movies, which are known for mixing up genres, and usually I find the change-ups entertaining -- if they're handled right. Dual-handed gunfights with splattering blood just seemed out of place and a bit exploitative when they're used here.

At the end of the day, though, it's not so off-putting as to ruin the movie. The bottom line is that most of you out there reading this already have an opinion about Hong Kong comedies firmly cemented. Her Fatal Ways II (for better or worse) is going to do absolutely nothing to change that.

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Reviewer Score: 5

Reviewed by: dandan
Date: 09/06/2006
Summary: return of the dodo...

dodo cheng returns as inspector cheng and, after her exploits in hong kong, she's been promoted and also works as a police instructor. sheng (albert cheung) is still working with her and he's been developing his esp powers. the pair are investigating arms dealers, with the aid of kung-fu expert hsu (michael wong), when they have to cross the border to hong kong once more. there, they team up with wu (waise lee), cousin of tony leung's character from the first film, who's also a cop.

now, this isn't quite as enjoyable as the first film, it's a touch confusing in places, but it's still entertaining and it did make me chuckle; especially when dodo gets a 'new' look...

Reviewed by: pjshimmer
Date: 03/08/2003
Summary: slightly better than the first

At first I thought there was no chance for me to like this movie, but my goodness, funny jokes bombarded the screen one after another after an hour (as opposed forced over-acting, which is all that Part 1 contained). Most jokes are still more of a "huh" or "okay..." type, but they're improvements over part 1. I kinda miss Alfred Cheung's Sichuan accent though (a la part 1). But the ending - what the hell.


Reviewed by: Inner Strength
Date: 02/07/2002

Her Fatal Ways II (“Cousin, You’re Great” in Chinese – referring to Hong Kong as the cousin of China) continues the story of the mainland police woman (Dodo Cheng) as she once again travels to Hong Kong to investigate a crime. This time, she joins forces with Waise Lee (who plays the cousin of the original Hong Kong police officer played by Tony Leung). As in the original, it is absolutely hilarious.

Although the original was very funny, it might be hard to believe that this is actually as good as the first. All the jokes are original and every situation anyone gets into there is a joke associated with it, and each time the joke works. They are investigating a murder this time, and once again joining forces is Dodo’s police partner played again by the director Alfred Cheung. He again is very funny, and should be considered a genius for making another great movie. Again he has used sync sound, still very rare, as this was 1991, which means not only does it looks good but sounds good too (also, as it is the original cast that you hear, and not Chinese dubbed voices). Again, the jokes towards both Hong Kong and China are done carefully not to upset anyone, and shows that although the two places are very different, they can both get on together. A pretty good shoot-out at the end is worth mentioning too.

Highly recommended, as is the original. Note, there is no subtitled version available to buy at the moment if you don’t understand Cantonese.

Rating: 4/5

Reviewer Score: 8

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

She's back but this time wiser and even funnier. Cheng andCheung takes another stab at the adventure of the two mainland police officers who must solve a murder connected to, where else but Hong Kong. No Tony Leung Kar Fei's character, but a cousin (Lee) fills the shoe of the Hong Kong police. This time she gets to ride in an airplane, sing karaoke, and go bowling.

[Reviewed by Edith Fung]