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l (1991)
A Chinese Legend

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 04/04/2006
Summary: Good CGS Clone

For all its abundant and obvious theft from the first two Chinese_Ghost_Story films (particularly CGS II, though still less obvious in its theft than the inferior Portrait_Of_A_Nymph), including three of the stars, this is still quite a good film. Cheung Man as the fox demon has never looked lovelier, managing for once to look good enough to rival Joey Wong as, of course, the ghost. Some good swordplay and lovely images and photography. True, it lacks much of CGS's zip, and is too long and rambling near the end (why did Jacky Cheung have to ride so far through the desert ?). Nevertheless, an above average wu'xia flick.

Reviewer Score: 6

Reviewed by: ksbutterbox
Date: 04/17/2002
Summary: Visually Compelling..

I really like this (no to some) nonsense type of legend/fantasy film. The dream dance sequence is quite well done as well as the music that accompanies it. I have a no eng. subs. version of this movie. Yet, to turn off the brain and enjoy some pretty good wuxia FX is worth the watch especially if you like the cast anyway. Plus, the plot is easy to figure out without dialogue. Bottom line..check it out!

Reviewed by: ElectraWoman
Date: 10/12/2000
Summary: 6/10-Not very inspired film

This is something like a "Chinese Ghost Story" clone, complete with hero, Jackie Cheung, entering the underworld. However, this is quite a few notches below it. The Chinese name for it roughly transalates to "Chasing the Day", which is exactly what Cheung does in the end to get back his lover. Does that sound interesting? Just survive the rest of the film, which is quite boring, although Cheung Man and Joey Wong are always visually pleasing to watch.

Reviewed by: jfierro
Date: 12/21/1999

Joey Wong is here, Wu Ma is here, but this is no CHINESE GHOST STORY, even though it tries hard to be. I found it very boring and way too downbeat.

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Yat Long-Kar (Jacky Cheung) saves Ku Moon-Cher (Joey Wong) from the King of Ghosts. Little does he know that Moon is the woman that he keeps seeing in his dreams. He then runs into the Mountain Fox (Cheung Man) who falls in love with him (and therefore does not kill him and suck his blood as she usually does). He renames her Ching'er. What follows is a somewhat complicated plot in which Yat battles the King of Ghosts for Moon's soul and life. This one is pretty low on the action scale. For some reason, which I can't put my finger on, I still found this one interesting. I'm not sure whether to recommend this or not. I liked it though.


[Reviewed by Adam Scott Pritzker]

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

There are two great things about this ACGS variation: Joey Wong and Cheung Man. They are stunning. The same thing can't be said for the rest of this film, with abysmal production values and visible cables galore. There are about 4 minutes of well-done swordsplay and 15 seconds of interesting visual FX...which leaves us with an 85 minute yawnfest.


[Reviewed by Dan Liatowitsch]

Reviewed by: spinali
Date: 12/08/1999
Summary: NULL

Swordsman Jacky Cheung rescues sorceress Joey Wong from alynch mob set on sacrificing her to a stone god, but later wins the heart of Cheung Man, who seduces men, sucks their blood, then turns into a mink. Imagine the romantic entanglements. Almost as opulent as The Bride with White Hair, with some interdimensional special effects that are almost psychtronic!


[Reviewed by Steve Spinali]

Reviewer Score: 7