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skA (1992)
Just Love

Reviewed by: STSH
Date: 01/19/2001
Summary: Tame so-so timewaster

If this one earns the Cat III rating, it must be because of the acres of bare skin and fairly steamy sex scenes. But, oddly enough, there's no full frontal. The camera angle are carefully constructed to avoid "those bits". Which is odd, because all of the well-known actors here are well known for showing all. Actually, it may have been cut. In three different scenes, the frame jumps jarringly, just as Ga Ling's nice bits are about to come into view. This is the only film I've seen so far where the lovely Ling doesn't flash it and, as in several other films, her name does not appear in the credits, despite having a part larger than some actors who were credited.

So, who'd rush to see this film ? Well, anyone who thought "Well, I'm in the mood for lots of heaving and skin and boobs, but I can't really face any pubic hair" would be deliriously happy. And to those seven people, I say, "enjoy"!

As mindless soft-porno's go, this one's not too bad. The plot only occasionally intrudes into the sex scenes, the camera work is quite nice, the film contains some really lovely women, though we don't see nearly enough of the luscious Yue Chi Wai.

Briefly, if you saw the wonderful Veronica Yip vehicle "Pretty Woman", you'll have a good idea of the plot. This is Pretty Woman without all the fun.

Reviewer Score: 4