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飛虎雄心2傲氣比天高 (1996)
Best of the Best

Reviewed by: Dyogenez
Date: 05/06/2002
Summary: Another mediocre police movie

Dung Dung is a traffic cop who, on his first day of work, witnesses the death of his partner and the car he pulled over. He is miraculously saved as the shooters gun runs out of bullets and he must leave in a hurry. After this shock, he decides to leave the police force to join the SDU, a group of special forces -- the best of the best. Almost the entire movie is the core group of soldiers in training -- some of which is taken much farther than normal military training. Such as using real bullets in training exercises and actually being shot. While in training Dung Dung faces off against Coolman who hates him for no apparent reason. Later we find out they are actaully brothers, as well as more about their family problems. They learn to come to terms with each other as they, as soldiers, are thrown into intense situations. A Vietnamiese Boatpeople camp is being held with hostages inside. One of the men inside is the murder from Tunh Tungs past as well. The SDU is called in to break up the situation. Karen Mok Man-Wai, the female lead in God Of Cookery, plays a drill sergent that falls for Coolman, adding a touch of comedy to the plot. Overall the plot doesn't peak as much as many action movies. Towards the end it does peak as the terrorists start to get out of control. It does stay too slow for my tastes, with only mediocre character development, and no explanation for the love side. 6/10

Reviewed by: hkcinema
Date: 12/08/1999

Tung Tung just graduated from the police academy, encountering aVietnamnese assassin on his first day on work. Tung in order to break through obstacle in his mind decides to join SDU. Among the teammates, Coolman feels resentment toward Tung, which he doesn't understand. Later he discovers Coolman is actually his step brother. Tung actively tries to get close to Coolman, but is rejected. When training reaches its last stage, Coolman and Tung's team reencounters the Vietnamnese assassin on a deserted island.

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