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錢王、拳王 (1979)
The Kings of Fists and Dollars

Reviewed by: mpongpun
Date: 01/04/2004

After there is a mishap at a mine that causing many to die or become injured, Master Chien (Danny Lee) decides to add insult to injury by not paying out any funds to the survivors of the victims to keep costs down. Many of the townspeople try to get Master Chien to change his mind, but Master Chien does not relent on his decision. The townspeople then ask the Iron Fist King, Chuang Yang (Chao Hsiung), to pay Master Chien a visit and get him to change his mind. After the Iron Fist King shows up at Master Chien’s and defeats his top fighter, Chi Hung (Tsai Hung), Master Chien decides to comply with the townspeople’s wishes, but little does everybody know that Master Chien has a backup plan that will cause everybody to suffer the consequences and that includes his own self. This flick has a decent cast, but the film doesn’t make use of the parts. David Chiang is wasted and pretty much everybody else suffers the same fate until the final reel where David Chiang and Pearl Chang combine to use a gung fu style called “Lo Ping” to defeat their adversaries. All in all, the flick is a waste of time. Avoid.