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The Promise (2005)
US Release Title: Master of the Crimson Armor
Country: People's Republic of China
Genres: Martial Arts  Fantasy  Drama 
Release Date: 12/15/2005
  Chen Kaige
  Chen Kaige
  Charcoal Tan
Action Directors
  Stephen Tung Wai
  Dion Lam Dik-On
  Chen Kaige
  Jiang Tao (1)
  Chen Rao
  Cecilia Cheung Pak-Chi ... Princess Qingcheng
  Sanada Hiroyuki ... General Guangming
  Jang Dong-Gun ... Kunlun the Slave
  Nicholas Tse Ting-Fung ... Duke Wuhuan
  Liu Ye ... Snow Wolf the Assassin
  Chen Hong (1) ... Goddess Manshen
  Qian Bo ... One-Eye
  Calvin Yu Xiao-Wei ... Commander Yeli
  Cheng Qian ... King
  Li Jing (1) ... Kunun's mother
  Shi Lei (2) ... Young Wuhuan
  Guan Xiao-Tong ... Young Qingcheng
  Peter Pau Tak-Hai ... [Double for Guangming]
Production Companies
  China Film Group Corporation
  Beijing Film
  Beijing 21st Century Shengkai Ltd.
  Capgen Investment Group
  Moonstone Entertainment Inc.
Production Manager
  Chen Hong (1)
  Han San-Ping
  Etchie Stroh
Sound Recordist
  Wang Dan-Rong
  Roger Savage
  Soundfirm Australia
Art Director
  Timothy Yip Gam-Tim
  Eddy Wong Ga-Lang
Script Supervisor
  Jin Dou
  Lee Tak-Shing
  Lam Chun-Wan
  Dan Zen
  Shi Tung-Ming
  Yang Shu-Dong
  Ji Wei-Hua
  Yang Xiao-Hai
  Liu Jun (2)
  Chen Hong-Bo (1)
  Peter Pau Tak-Hai
  Choi Shung-Fai
Special Effects
  John Chu Ka-Yan
  Centro Digital Pictures Ltd.
  Don Ma Wing-On
  Cecil Cheng Man-Ching
  Frankie Chung Chi-Hang
  Tam Kai-Kan
  Li Fang (1)
  Zhou Ying (1)
Costume Designer
  Masago Kimiya
  Timothy Yip Gam-Tim
  Chen Tong-Xun
  Chen Hong (1)
  Song Dai
  Hu Lan
  Etchie Stroh
  Yeung Bo-Ting
Sound Editor
  Roger Savage
Assistant Director
  Shui Lei
  Wang Wei-Min
Hair Stylist
  Chun Hai
  Klaus Badelt
Assistant Action Director
  Kang Jing-Qi

Synopsis: This epic fantasy revolves around a love triangle between a general, a princess and a slave. A young woman (played by Cecilia Cheung) is the most beautiful princess in the world. Spoiled by the King, she lives a life of extreme luxury. But this life comes with a price in that she will never enjoy true love unless time can flow backwards and the dead can come back to life. The slave (played by Korean actor Jang Dong-Gun), who is sincerely in love with her, uses his ability to run "faster than the wind" to break the chain that fate has put on her. Chen Kaige's Wu Ji (literally title: Infinity, English title: The Promise), is a mega budget fantasy film with an all-star cast, starring Cecilia Cheung, Jang Dong-Gun, Hiroyuki Sanada, Liu Ye, Nicholas Tse, Chen Hong and Cheng Qian.