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The Peach Girl (1931)
Country: People's Republic of China
Language: No Spoken Language 
Genre: Historical Drama 
  Bu Wan-Cang
  Bu Wan-Cang
  Law Ming-Yau
  Lily Yuen Ling-Yuk ... Miss Lim
  Jin Yan ... King Teh-En
  Wong Gwai-Lam ... Loo Chi
  Lee Shut-Yuen ... Mrs. King
  Lily Chow Lee-Lee ... Lim's mother
  Y. C. Lay Yim-Chu ... Chow Chuen-Chuen
  Han Lan-Gen ... Slim
  Liu Chi-Chuen ... Fatty
  Y. C. Wong Kwan-Ching ... Chow's mother
  Wong Shiu-Fan
Production Manager
  Lai Man-Wai
Art Director
  F. L. Chao

Poor but righteous tenant farmer couple commemorate the birth of their daughter by planting a peach tree in their front yard. The playboy son of their opium-addled landlady is entranced by the fresh virginal beauty of the teenage peach girl, but his mother insists he marry within his class. So begins a tragic love story.