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烈日當空 (2008)
High Noon
Alias: Winds of September - The Hong Kong Chapter
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Release Date: 11/06/2008
  Heiward Mak Hei-Yan
  Heiward Mak Hei-Yan
Action Director
  James Ha Chim-Si
  Eric Tsang Chi-Wai
  Jacky Leung Hiu-Fung ... Chip
  Lam Yiu-Sing ... Lo Wing
  Sham Ka-Ki ... Addie
  Michelle Yim ... Chip's mother
  Vincent Wan Yeung-Ming ... Wing's father
  Venus Wong Man-Yik ... Soy Sauce's girlfriend
  Jeremy Liu Bak-Wing ... Soy Sauce
  Rex Wu Wing-Tong ... Smoothie
  Chan Yiu-Wing (2) ... Sticky Dick
  Cliff Huen Ting-Yeung ... Nerd
  Becky Lee Pui-Yi ... Bo
  Yu Man-Ming ... Lolita
  Jo Kuk Cho-Lam ... Addie's mother
  Cui Bo ... Wing's stepmother
  Lam Jun-Ho ... Mr Chan
  Lo Ho-Yin ... Redhead
  Kenneth Cheung Moon-Yuen ... Nerd's father
  Wong Lam (5) ... Nerd's mother
  Choi Chun-Wing ... Gu Lak
  Leung Lok-Yin ... Wing's brother
  Jan See Chung-Ming ... Bo's new boyfriend
  Michelle Wong Cheuk-Ying ... Teacher
  Cheung Siu-Hong ... Interviewer
  Lo Cheuk-On ... Businessman
  Chan Hon (2) ... Bookworm
  Choy Tak-Kwan ... prostitute's John
  Sammi Chan Wing-Tung ... Twins
  Gabie Lee Kam-Ying ... Twins
  Sebia Li ... Bo's classmate
  Kako Ko Cheuk-Lun ... Redhead's friend #1
  Lo Ka-Yui ... Redhead's friend #2
  Wong Chi-Lun ... Redhead's friend #3
  Siu Hung (3) ... Janitor
  Hui Man-Ho (1) ... Redhead's brother
  Nikke Leung Tin-Yin ... Pregnant student
Production Companies
  Big Pictures Ltd.
  See Corporation Limited
Filming Company
  Black & White Films Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Nicky Shi Wa-Fung
Script Supervisor
  Tam Kut-Long
Director of Photography
  Rex Chan Ho-Yin
  Jeff Mak Gwok-Keung
Art Director
  Cheung Siu-Hong
Costume Designer
  Cheung Siu-Hong
  Mondy Chun Sze-Wan
Hair Stylist
  Fung Siu-Yee
Props Master
  Keith Cheung Wai-Chuen
  Lai Ming-Fai
  Chu Kam-Wah
Sound Recordist
  Steve Chan Wai-Hung
  Heiward Mak Hei-Yan
  Cheung Siu-Hong
  Nose Chan Chui-Hing
  Patrick Lo Wai-Wa
  Li Kuo-Hsing
  Yeh Jia-Hai
Administrative Producer
  Heman Peng Yu-Fong
  Patrick Tong Hing-Chi
Production Manager
  Chan Chi-Yin (2)
Associate Production Manager
  Winny Kwan Wing-Yan
Assistant Action Director
  Jacky Wong (2)
Special Effects
  Leung Chun-Kit (2)
  Chu Cheuk-Kei
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Showreel Film Facilities
Sound Supervisor
  Benny Chu Chi-Ha
Re-Recording Mixer
  Stan Yau Kwok-Leung
  Benny Chu Chi-Ha
Dialogue Recording
  Stan Yau Kwok-Leung
  Ricky Yip Chun-Ho
Dialogue Editing
  Stan Yau Kwok-Leung
  Ricky Yip Chun-Ho
Credits Designer
  Poon Chui-San
  While the world was welcoming for the Beijing Olympic Game, students in Hong Kong were busying to combat with the battle: O-level exam. 9 characters, in their adolescence age, were lost in the virtual and cruel reality that filled with sms, internet and materialism. The brittle and impetuous souls were touched by each other, with love and freedom that exclusively belongs to the youth. Crumbled friendship, frail love affair, complicated family, strikes between life and death, wear away the teenagers heart in split second! Crying out loud for the aspiration to freedom under the sun! Honestly rise in the High Noon! Both humorous and heartbreaking, this ablaze and bright story of growing up is written and directed by 23 years old only female director, Heiward Mak. (Broadway Circuit)