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愛到盡 (2008)
End of Love
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Queer/GLBT 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Release Date: 11/23/2008
  Simon Chung Tak-Sing
  Simon Chung Tak-Sing
  Vincent Chui Wan-Shun
  Lee Chi-Kin (2) ... Cheung Wai Ming
  Guthrie Yip Wing-Wong ... Chan Wing Keung
  Benjamin Yeung Sheung-Bun    
  Clifton Kwan Yat-Yeung ... Cyrus
  Joman Chiang Cho-Man ... Jackie
Production Company
  Golden Scene Company Limited
Assistant Director
  Connie Ng Sau-Wah
  Wong Si-Cheun
Art Director
  Samantha Lam Yuet-Man
  Kerry Chan Ching-Man
Sound Recordist
  Jessey Tsang Tsui-Shan
  Liu Kim-Cheng
  Hau Kwong-Mou
Production Manager
  Choi Ka-Yi
  Charlie Wong Kai-Chung
  Love is complicated sometimes. For Ming, a young gay man, it's more than just sometimes. After an argument over his sexuality, Ming's mother takes her life which not only creates emotional turmoil but also leaves Ming homeless. To escape, Ming starts to party and use drugs which his older boyfriend can't cope with. From here, End of Love takes us on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, showing us reliance on others can make one feel safe but can also be dangerous. End of Love takes us on the journey of Ming's harsh self discovery and the "tug of war" between loving others and being loved.