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斷橋產子 (1962)
Giving Birth on the Bridge
Alias: 白蛇傳之斷橋產子
Alias: A Child Was Born Under Bridge
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Chinese Opera 
Release Date (HK): 01/17/1962
  Wong Fung (2)
  So Yung
  Mak Bing-Wing    
  Yu So-Chau    
  Leung Sing-Bo    
  Connie Chan Po-Chu    
  Josephine Siao Fong-Fong    
  Wan Ling-Kwong    
  Yuen Siu-Fai    
  Lee Hung-Min    
  Cheung Sing-Fei    
  Chan Pei-Mui    
Production Company
  Chiu Ming
Assistant Director
  Wong Sung-Nin
Script Supervisor
  Tong Yuen (2)
  Chui Yam-Yuk
  Woo Bing-Hung
  Tse Tsak-Yuen
  Tong Kim-Ting
  Lam Wah-Sam
  So Yung
Production Manager
  Wan Sing
  Pak So-ching and Siu Ching always transmute into human form. So-ching meets intellectual Hui Sin and it is love at first sight. Siu Ching acts as a matchmaker and the two get married. So-ching soon gets pregnant. Fat Hoi, a monk with strong powers, knows that Sin is with some "wicked" snakes. He tells Sin to test out his wife by giving her Hsiung Huang wine. So-ching indeed turns into her original form. Sin is scared to death. So-ching steals the Ling Chi Herb to bring Sin back to life but Fat Hoi captures him and takes him away. So-ching and Siu Ching follows them to the Gold Mountain Temple and have a big fight. So-ching gives birth to her son under a broken bridge. She is then caught and trapped in Lui Fung Pagoda. Siu Ching does not want to leave her sister alone and transmutes into a stone outside the Pagoda. Sin is so desperate and disappointed he wants to become a monk. He leaves his son Sze-lam with his sister before he leaves. When Lam grows up, he goes to the capital for the official examination. So-ching asks Siu Ching to help him out. Lam comes first in the exam and the emperor wants him to marry the princess. However, the princess has a serious illness and dies before Sze-lam arrives. Siu Ching tells Lam to pretend to cure the princess when she possesses her. Lam goes to the Pagoda to visit his mother. So-ching is very pleased to see how her son has turned up to. She dies with a smile on her face and continues her relationship with Sin in the heaven. - HKFA