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The Splendid Love in Winter (1974)
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Romance 
Release Date: 12/26/1974
  Patrick Tse Yin
  Patrick Tse Yin
  Alan Tang Kwong-Wing
  Chen Chen (1) ... Mimi
  Alan Tang Kwong-Wing ... Chan Chi
  Patrick Tse Yin ... Patrick
  Chen Hung-Lieh ... Publisher
  Ou-Yang Sha-Fei ... Mimi's mum
  Wong Oi-Ming    
  Wu Fung    
  Yung Yuk-Yi    
  Yim Chau-Wa    
  Wang Ying (1)    
  Chui Foon    
Production Company
  Tse's Brother Motion Picture Production Company
  Yu Chun
  Chen Chen (1)

Mimi asks handsome Chan Chi to drive her home one night, when she is short of money. They meet several more times at the restaurant, and Chan Chi eventually asks her around to his place for supper. She doesn't turn up, so he goes out to a swingers party with his publisher. He is shocked to find Mimi there, as the escort of a playboy. In a confused confrontation afterwards, Mimi decides she is not good enough for Chan Chi, and she vanishes. Chan Chi decides he really loves her, and commences the search.