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Odd Couple (1979)
Alt title: Eternal Conflict
Alt Title: Shaolin Sabre vs Wu Tang Spear
Alias : 搏命單刀奪命槍
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Martial Arts 
Theatrical Run: 08/09/1979 - 08/22/1979
Box Office: HK $2,961,417.00
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Lai Wai-Man
  Raymond Wong Pak-Ming
Action Directors
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
  Lau Kar-Wing (1)
  Karl Maka
  Sammo Hung Kam-Bo ... King of Sabres/Ah Yo
  Lau Kar-Wing (1) ... King of Spears/Stubborn Wing
  Mars ... Potato
  Leung Kar-Yan ... Laughing Bandit/Scarface
  Dean Shek Tin ... Master Rocking/Playboy
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Playboy's assistant
  Lee Hoi-Sang ... Handlebar-moustached hug
  Huang Ha ... Single Sabre Wu Li
  Peter Chan Lung ... Pak Chow/Cloud Sabre
  Karl Maka ... Challenges Cloud Sabre
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai ... Humpback/Tien [2 roles]
  Lam Ching-Ying (1) ... Ha (Scarface's fighter)
  Yuen Miu ... Mo (Scarface's Fighter)
  Chung Fat ... Ti (Scarface's Fighter)
  Tai San (1) ... Playboy's assistant
  Chan Ling-Wai ... Playboy's assistant
  Law Keung ... Handlebar's thug
  Wong Chi-Keung (4) ... Handlebar's thug
  Yeung Sai-Gwan ... Tiger Spear
  Sai Chai    
  Che Wing-Ming ... Swordsman Wu
  A Kau    
  Li Yin-Wan ... Lady with a wiggle in her step
  Yue Tau-Wan ... Cross-eyed messenger
  Cheung Chok-Chow ... Tea house boss
  Yuen Biao ... Stunt double
  Man Sau ... Orange seller
  Lung Ying (2) ... Servant
  Lau Cheun ... Waiter
  To Siu-Ming (1)    
  Chan Ming-Wai ... [Extra]
  Ho Bo-Sing ... [Extra]
  To Wai-Wo ... [Extra]
  Wellson Chin Sing-Wai ... [Extra]
  Benny Lai Keung-Kuen ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Gar Bo Films (HK) Company
Production Manager
  Guy Lai Ying-Chau
Art Director
  Chan Foo-Wing
Script Supervisor
  Hui Wan
  Fung Liu
  Chan Wing-Yee (2)
  Chan Kok-Hong
  Manny Hoh Ming
  Lee Chi-Keung (1)
  Tony Chow Kwok-Chung
Costume Designer
  Kung Chuan-Kai
  Hoh Koo
Assistant Director
  Chu Yat-Hung
Hair Stylist
  Chui So
Assistant Action Director
  Yuen Biao
  Lam Ching-Ying (1)
  Billy Chan Wui-Ngai
  Chung Fat
  Frankie Chan Fan-Kei

Sammo Hung and Lau Kar Wing are the Master of Swords and the Master Of Spears respectively. Every year for 15 years they have duelled and it's always been a draw. In the 15th year, each refrains from a fatal blow and they realise they can't kill each other because they've become (sort of) friends. The solution is to each train a student - since the students won't know each other, they should be able to kill each other no problem! In a stroke of genius, each actor plays his enemy's student, meaning that we get to see each demonstrate their remarkable skills with both weapons!