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香港小姐寫真 (1987)
Private Life
Alias: Miss Hong Kong
Alias: Private Lift
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Romance 
Theatrical Run: 08/13/1987 - 08/20/1987
Box Office: HK $3,699,738.00
  Stanley Siu Wing
  John Au Wa-Hon
  Leung Lap-Yan
  Alan Tang Kwong-Wing
  Alan Tang Kwong-Wing ... George Leung Chi-Wai
  Joey Wong Cho-Yin ... Sam Lee Shing-Pui
  Jenny Tseng ... Doris
  Anglie Leung Wan-Yui ... Mary
  Phillip Chan Yan-Kin ... Prosecutor Chan
  Si Lau-Wa ... Ricky Wan Pui-Ka
  Tin Ching (1) ... Sam's father
  Mary Hon Ma-Lee ... Sam's mother
  Chim Bing-Hei ... Sam's brother
  Bau Hon-Lam ... Doris' father
  Lo Yuen ... Mr. Chow
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Pool player [cameo]
  Ding Ying (1)    
  Chow Mei-Fung ... Model on yacht
  Choi Hoi-Lun ... Model in black swimsuit
  Josephine Lam Kei-Yan ... Model in orange swimsuit
  Wong Oi-Yee    
  Yip Hoi-Lun    
  Lui Hung (1) ... Ah Sui
  Unknown SB-Actor (28) ... Guy in field
  Johnnie Kong Yeuk-Sing ... Private investigator
Filming Company
  The Wing-Scope Film Production Ltd.
Assistant Director
  Johnnie Kong Yeuk-Sing
Script Supervisor
  Lee Kam-Fai
  Jimmy Leung Chi-Ming (2)
  Eric Chan Hoi-Yan
Art Director
  Fang Ying (1)
Costume Designer
  Ko Chun-Wai
  Fung Cho-Tak
  Wong Chi-On (1)
  Cheung Kwok-Kuen (1)
  Danny Chung Deng-Yat
  Rover Tang Gwong-Chow
  John Au Wa-Hon
  Lai On-Yi
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinema City Recording Studio
  No subtitles. Sam Lee has just been crowned Miss Hong Kong 1986, and she meets rich playboy George on a plane. They seem to take an immediate dislike to each other. Then, in the next scene and completely without explanation, they are in bed together. They remain lovestruck and as close to inseparable as circumstances allow for the remainder of the story. There are some hurdles, the most significant being George's long-term girlfriend Doris, who is also George's boss's daughter. Initially, Doris takes Sam's arrival calmly. But she chooses to bribe Sam's agent, which results in Sam being charged and taken to court.