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驚魂今晚夜 (1988)
Into the Night
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Horror 
Theatrical Run: 06/02/1988 - 06/08/1988
Box Office: HK $2,631,894.00
  Lo Kin
  Lo Kin
Action Choreographer
  Chu Kong
  Wong King-Cheung
  Cheung Kwok-Keung (1) ... Yeung Lap Fa
  Wu Ma ... Mr Chan
  William Ho Ka-Kui ... Inspector
  Lam Choh-Kei ... Ling
  Ngai Lau-Na ... Anna
  Marco Lo Chi-Fung ... Dan
  Tai Bo (1) ... Bo, painter
  Eric Tsang Chi-Wai ... Painter
  Billy Lau Nam-Kwong ... Burglar
  Daan Gwai-Chi ... Elle
  Chiu Hung-Sin ... Mimi
  Ngau Choi-Ling ... Jenny
  Yeung Chung-Yan ... Siu Chu
  Cheung Kwok-Wah ... Thug
  Chu Kong ... Thug
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (1) ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (2) ... Policeman
Production Company
  My Way Film Co
  Far East Music Productions (Hong Kong)
  Joe Chan Kwong-Hung
Focus Puller
  Cheung Dik-Kei
  Cheung Ging-Nin
Art Director
  David Lo Kin-Ming
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Jeffrey Cheung Kai-Ping
  Chan Leung (4)
  Chan Yam-Chuen
Production Manager
  Lim Chan Sek-Lim
  Garry Chan Chi-Shing
Project Manager
  Simon Yeung Siu-Gwong
Special Effects
  Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited
Sound Post-Production Studio
  108 Records Ltd., Co.
Cantonese Dialogue
  Ding Yue
Mandarin Dialogue
  Wong Wai-Kwan (2)
Sound F/X
  Ronny Ching Siu-Lung
  Covers several sets of characters connected with a particular house over the period of a single day and night. Odd things are happening. Two painting contractors go mad, on cutting his own throat. His partner runs away shouting "Gwai-ah !" (Ghost!). A flashback to the previous owner gives a clue. A cuckholded husband is murdered by his wife's lover, and now the ghost hangs around the place. But the main story concerns an escaping prisoner who shelters in the house, and his interactions with the girl who is alone there at the time. Initially very fearful, her attitude changes when he reveals the reason he chose this particular night to break out.