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長短腳之戀 (1988)
Fractured Follies
Origin: Hong Kong
Genre: Romantic Comedy 
Theatrical Run: 07/07/1988 - 07/27/1988
Box Office: HK $11,958,211.00
  Wang Chung
  Wang Chung
  Cheung Yim-Kong
  Rico Chung Kai-Cheong
  Sunny Leung Yat-San
  Yuen Jun-Man
  Lam Goon-Kiu
  Lung Tin-Sang
  Dean Shek Tin
  Chow Yun-Fat ... Joe Leung
  Joey Wong Cho-Yin ... May Yau
  Nina Li Chi ... Scarlet
  James Wong Jim ... Yau Kwong Nam/Gannon
  Wong Ching (1) ... Sea
  Bonnie Law Ming-Chu ... Cher Leung
  Cheng Mang-Ha ... May's grandmother
  Wang Yi-Fei (1) ... Nam's cousin
  Chan Lap-Ban ... Matchmaker
  Gam Lui ... Porno cd producer boss
  Jobic Wong Lai-Keung    
  Pei Yun ... Temple worshipper
  Sek Chung-Yuk    
  Lung Tin-Sang ... Guest at Joe's wedding [uncredited]
  Lee Sam ... Robber [uncredited]
Production Company
  Cinema City Company Limited
Filming Company
  Cinema City Company Limited
  Golden Princess Amusement Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  Long Shong Pictures Ltd. (Taiwan)
Assistant Director
  Yuen Jun-Man
  Lung Tin-Sang
Script Supervisor
  Lam Goon-Kiu
  James Chan Hau-Ming
  Ho Goon-Lung
Art Director
  Louise Kwong Hoi-Ming
Costume Designer
  Liu Mei-Chow
  Chan Chi-Yeung (1)
  Aan Sek-Kwan
  Wong Ming-Lam
  Tony Lo Dung-Lei
  Eva Wong Yee-Fan
Production Manager
  Sunny Leung Yat-San
  Raymond See Kwok-Wai
Car Stunts Director
  Yuen Jun-Man
  May (Joey Wong), is a girl who was born with one leg an inch shorter than the other and thus walks with a slight limp. One day while she and her family are cleaning their supermarket they just bought, May is involved in an accident with a runaway taxi driven by Joe (Chow Yun-Fat). Thinking he is the one that crippled May, he ends up being an indentured servant to May's family to repay her medical costs and to assuage his guilt over the accident. Scarlet (Nina Li Chi), May's hot-to-trot cousin, has her sights set on the nerdy Joe, but Joe finds himself falling for May. After some advice from Buddha, Joe finally thinks he has the courage to ask May out... (Ryan Miller)