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Hidden Desire (1991)
Alias : 雲雨難忘我為卿狂
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 11/15/1991 - 12/08/1991
Box Office: HK $8,670,948.00
  Ho Fan (1)
  Frank Kong Heung-Sang
  Joe Wong Gong-Keung
  Veronica Yip Yuk-Hing ... Joey
  Sharon Kwok Sau-Wan ... Joe Lin Tin Tin
  Murakami Rena ... Yoshiko
  Gary Lam Gin-Fai ... David Chu
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Charlie Chao
  Lam Chung (1) ... Taro
  Chan Ji-Hung ... Robert
  May Lai Mei-San    
  Elaine Lam Yi-Lin    
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... Fortune-teller
Production Company
  World Perfect Production Co., Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
  Cheng Siu-Keung
  Gigo Lee Ji-Hang
Production Manager
  Fok Siu-Ming
  Raymond Leung Man-Wai
Art Director
  Lui Fung-Saan
  Fong Bo-Wa
  Ricky Wong Ga-Kui
  Chan Mei-Fat
  Jeffrey Cheung Kai-Ping
  Wu Kwan-Chou
  Joe Wong Gong-Keung
  Sherman Chow Gam-Cheung
Executive Director
  Rebecca Chan Pooi-Si

David (Lam Kin Fai) is the son of a company manager, and he's sitting in a bar and musing over why he has bedded and left five or six of Asia's loveliest women in such a short time. He has good friends Tin Tin Lin (Sharon Kwok) and Joey (Veronica Yip) vying for his attention. Tin and Joey consult a fortune teller, and find that, in their past lives, they were a nun and a whore, respectively. David pursues Tin, and promotes her to Charlie's position, and sacks Charlie for embezzlement. David gets nowhere with Tin, but has several sessions with Joey, including one quite pleasant dream sequence where Veronica Yip fondles a sword and is pawed by a knight in armour (not David). But Joey is just too lustful for him, so he leaves her. Clearly, he's already in leave of his senses ! A girl named Candy pops up out of nowhere and departs as quickly. An unnamed really luscious babe picks him up in a disco, takes him back to her room, and he waits till she gets all her clothes off and starts dirty dancing before going into action. The lad, by now, on a downward slide......