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Escape from Brothel (1992)
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Chinachem 
Genres: Adult  Action 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 02/29/1992 - 03/19/1992
Box Office: HK $5,082,103.00
  Johnny Wang Lung-Wei
  Jamie Luk Kim-Ming
Action Director
  Hung San-Nam
  Hung Leung-Tak
  Pauline Chan Bo-Lin ... Hung
  Murakami Rena ... Ann
  Alex Fong Chung-Sun ... Sam Ma
  Billy Chow Bei-Lei ... Billy Ho
  Jamie Luk Kim-Ming ... Hanky
  Stuart Ong ... Mr Chou
  William Ho Ka-Kui ... Inspector Chan
  Billy Ching Sau-Yat ... Cross-dresser
  Lam Shung-Ching ... Man with the yacht
  Pak Yan ... Suzie
  Yau Gwok-Keung ... Mr Ho
  Tony Tam Chun-To ... Tom
  Wan Seung-Lam ... Ken
  Yiu Man-Gei ... Thug
  Christopher Chan Sai-Tang ... Thug who brings phone to Billy
  Sophia M. Crawford ... Scam artist
  Hung San-Nam ... Newscaster
  Benny Lai Keung-Kuen ... Construction worker
  Cheung Gwok-Wa ... Jack
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
  Unknown 90s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
Production Company
  Hoi Ngon Gwok Chai Yau Haan Gung Shut
Filming Company
  Hoi Ngon Yue Lok Yau Haan Gung Shut
  Hoi Ngon Gwok Chai Yau Haan Gung Shut (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Chui Lung (1)
  Martin Lam Yue-Sing
Art Director
  Simon Lui Kwok-Foo
Script Supervisor
  Tin Kai-On
  Chan Tung-Choi
  Hung San-Nam
  Chow Yin-Ming
Special Effects
  Bruce Law Stunts Unlimited
  Ray Wong Chi-Wai
  Fong Bo-Wa
Costume Designer
  Ma Kam-Shim
  Hung Leung-Tak
Assistant Director
  Tsui Bo-Lung
Assistant Action Director
  Yiu Man-Gei
  Tony Tam Chun-To
  Tang Siu-Lam

Involves prostitutes Hung & Ann and their madam Suzie, Hung's estranged boyfriend Sam (sent to Canton as a gym teacher, lured back to HK and tricked into a faked robbery), Billy and his father (using violent crime to escape debt) and Hung's sleazy ex-husband to get Sam back to China (to escape the police).