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Lethal Contact (1992)
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Regal 
Genres: Action  Comedy 
Theatrical Run: 01/16/1992 - 01/24/1992
Box Office: HK $2,280,416.00
  Kent Cheng Jak-Si
  Billy Lau Nam-Kwong
  Barry Wong Ping-Yiu
Action Director
  Tony Leung Siu-Hung
  Jeff Lau Chun-Wai
  Kent Cheng Jak-Si ... Penguin
  Billy Lau Nam-Kwong ... Polar Bear
  Jaclyn Chu Wai-San ... Mrs Lo
  Wilson Lam Jun-Yin ... Lo Raimy
  Jeff Falcon ... Boss
  Sibelle Hu Hui-Zhong ... Snr Insp Wu
  Lam Yin-Ming ... Mimi's roommate
  Amy Yip Ji-Mei ... Mimi
  Pomson Shi    
  Lung Ming-Yan ... Lung
  Thomas Sin Ho-Ying    
  Stephen Chang Gwong-Chin    
  Oscar Lam Wai-Kin    
  Rainy Chan Choi-Yin    
  Lam Chi-Tai (1) ... Robber
  Ling Chi-Hung ... Robber/Thug
  Cheng Ka-Sang (1) ... Thug
  Choi Hin-Cheung    
  Leung Sam (2)    
  Cheung Wing-Hon ... Thug
  Unknown Stuntman (14) ... [Extra]
  Unknown Stuntman (9) ... [Extra]
  Chang Seng-Kwong ... [Extra]
  Yiu Man-Gei ... [Extra]
  Hung San-Nam ... [Extra]
Production Company
  Golden Flare Films Co., Ltd.
Filming Company
  Golden Flare Films Co., Ltd.
  Regal Films Distribution Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong)
  Ma Goon-Wa (1)
Production Manager
  Amy Lam Wai-Ha
Art Director
  Lam Sai-Kan
  Wong Hoi (1)

Polar Bear and Penguin are two idiot cops who seem destined to always remain constables, unlike their academy alumunus, Senior Inspector Miss Wu. Also, their rarely-home wives are nightclub hostesses. The two are assigned to assist a cop from Borneo, Lo Raimy, who is on the trail of a witness in the prosecution of a fu-fighting gwailo drug boss. Lo is brutally killed by the villains, and his wife comes over to complete the task, and the two bumbling cops try their best to help.