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現代情慾篇之換妻檔案 (1993)
A Wild Party
Alias: 枕邊情人
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Cathay 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 03/05/1993 - 03/18/1993
Box Office: HK $1,682,409.00
  Wong Pak-Tse
  Wong Pak-Tse
  King Hoi-Lam
  Pauline Chan Bo-Lin ... Susan
  Chim Bing-Hei ... Lee Keung
  Cindy Yip Sin-Yi ... Mary
  Ruby Wong Jo-Yi ... Siu Ying
  Ying Siu-Liu ... Linda Szeto
  Lam Wai (2) ... Peter
  Leung Siu-Dik ... Wong
  Lee Chuen-Sing    
  Chong Fung    
  Suen Tong ... Wong's wife
  Fong Yue (1)    
  Hoh Man-Gui    
  Simon Ma Siu-Mang    
  Lee Nga-Yin    
  Yeung Kin-Wai    
  Jason Fung Man-Git ... [Uncredited]
Production Company
  Lotus Cinevision Co.
  Golden Mark Film Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Director of Photography
  King Hoi-Lam
  Wilman Liu Wai-Man
Focus Puller
  Chiu Foo-Sam
  Chan Fook-Yan
Art Director
  Tin Chun
  Lee Kwok-Tsz
  Tin Chun
  Stephen Shing Gam-Wing
Production Manager
  Jason Fung Man-Git
Mandarin Dubbing
  Zhou Chin
Sound F/X
  Wong Chok-Poon
  Mandarin Laboratory (International) Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
  Humdrum life from a broken marriage leads a bored husband to join a "Changing Partners Club". Humdrum life turns into one big happy sexual adventure for the newly rejuvenated husband. [Tai Seng Catalog] Taxi driver Lee Keung takes a fare for Szeto Tan. They drive to the country to watch a woman apparently being raped, but it is really Tan's wife Linda having an arranged screw. Tan invites Keung to join his "Happy Pal Club", a wife-swapping group. Members include psychotherapist Dr Poon with a infantile mother fetish, and his bonded mainlander nurse, whom he presents as his wife; Susan, who is one of Poon's patients; Susan's ex-husband Peter and his girlfriend Mary; Headmaster Wong and his wife; and wheelchair-bound Chui and his ageing wife.