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鬼戰 (1984)
The Devil's Box
Alias: Devil's Box
Origin: Hong Kong
Circuit: Regal 
Genre: Horror 
  Tommy Chin Ming-Cheung
  Tommy Chin Ming-Cheung
  Ringo Wong Lai-Chuen
  Simon Yam Tat-Wah ... Director Tong
  Alfred Cheung Kin-Ting ... [Guest appearance]
  Allen Fong Yuk-Ping ... Tong's painter friend
  Shirley Kwan Suet-Lai    
  Newton Lai Hon-Chi ... Editor
  Ng Yip-Kwong    
  Lee Chuen-Sing ... Doctor
  Chui Lung (1)    
  Honny Lam Sai-Lok    
  Ling Man-Hoi    
  Stephen Wong Wai-Him (1)    
  Au Shu-Cham ... Truck driver
  Cheung Sek-Aau ... Old man with bike
  Leung Hak-Shun ... Tong's client
  Flora Chung Choh-Yee ... Ann
  Edwin Tsui Yuk-Wan ... Tong's boss
  Fung Yeuk-Hon    
Assistant Director
  Terence Yung Ji-Chung
Script Supervisor
  Luk Hing-Nin
  Yeung Bing-Tong
  Lee Kin-Keung (1)
Art Director
  Honny Lam Sai-Lok
  Yank Wong Yan-Kwai
  Wong Nga-Jan
  Chan Yee (5)
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Jacky Tang Wai-Yuk
  Norman Wong Chi-Hung
  Tommy Chin Ming-Cheung
  Dennis Chiu Da-Cheng
Production Manager
  Andy Hung Kai-Fai
  Fruit Chan Goh
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Kwong Ming Recording Studio
  Note: 1984 is an estimated year. The movie was made in the early 80s and was released 1991. Director Tong orders a box to be moved during a shoot. His only thought was move a mound of snow to make the scene look a little better. His crew warn him it's a devil's box, but move it anyway. The first guy to pick up the box dies shortly after, having accidentally fallen off a roof. Tong's work declines, as does his health. He is diagnosed with a brain tumour, and begins to be pursued by .... something evil.