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Our Neighbour Detective (1995)
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 05/18/1995 - 05/22/1995
Box Office: HK $1,988,720.00
  Cha Chuen-Yee
  Rico Chung Kai-Cheong
  Lam Kee-To
  Cha Chuen-Yee
  Chua Lam
  Anthony Wong Chau-Sang ... Officer Lau
  Yu Li (1) ... Miss Lo
  Ivy Leung Si-Man ... Tina Lo
  Lawrence Ng Kai-Wah ... Cheng Chin Fu
  Perrie Lai Hoi-San ... Milky
  Chang Gan-Wing ... Lau's father cum superior
  Tam Suk-Mui ... Coroner
  Ng Shui-Ting ... Corpse being cut by coroner
  Maria Cordero ... Lau's cop mother
  Carol Koo ... Fu's wife
  Leung Gam-San ... Tina's father-in-law
  Leung Wing-Yim    
  Hoh Yan (2)    
  Ho Pak-Kwong ... customer squeeze Milky's tits
  Yeung Wan-King    
Production Companies
  Concept Link Productions Ltd.
  Try Ease Ltd.
  Golden Harvest Productions (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Thomas Leung Man-Lung
  Leung Wing-Yim
  Siu Wing-Hong
Art Director
  Cheung Ying-Wa
Script Supervisor
  Ho Kim-Ho (1)
  Tai Chi-Fai
  Leung Sing-Kwong
  Chow Jan-Tung
  Choi Siu-Jan
  Yeung Kwok-Kei
  Sung Gong
  Li Kwong-Tim
Costume Designer
  Choi Siu-Hing
  Daneil Lam Siu-Ming
  Anthony Chow Deng-Au
Assistant Director
  William Leung Chi-Ming
  Tommy Law Wai-Tak
Hair Stylist

In the opening scene, a flashback which is played twice more, teenage Tina is sexually attacked by her "father-in-law" (actually her elder sister's father-in-law). She succeeds in stabbing him to death before rape occurs, and the fall of the bloodied corpse is witnessed by Tina's three-year old niece (elder sister's daughter) Milky. Tina's elder sister is known only as Miss Lo, despite being a lead character. Lo evidently wanted her young daughter to grow up and have large breasts ! Tina goes to prison for ten years. Shortly after, Miss Lo becomes the mistress of a sleazy character named Fu. Miss Lo didn't mind him having a wife, but objects when she finds Fu is also knocking off her sister Tina. For this reason, among others, the three girls (Lo, Tina and Milky) never miss an opportunity to tear strips off each other. Into this tangled web wanders Officer Lau. His entry point is Fu reporting the disappearance of his wife. Most of the plot follows Lau's enquiries and foibles, mixed in with revelations about the three girls and Fu and his wife, and some attention to Lau's girlfriend, who is also the police coroner.