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Whenever Will Be, Will Be (1995)
Alias: Whatever Will Be, Will Be
Country: Hong Kong
Circuit: Empire 
Genre: Drama 
Ratings: I (Hong Kong)  II (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 08/16/1995 - 09/13/1995
Box Office: HK $7,597,254.00
  Jacob Cheung Chi-Leung
  Aubrey Lam Oi-Wa
  James Yuen Sai-Sang
  Claudie Chung Chun
  Aaron Kwok Fu-Sing ... Lam Gwong Li/Shrimp Man
  Kelly Chan Wai-Lam ... Lee Ching Wan/Wing
  Richard Ng Yiu-Hon ... Mr Lee
  Lee Pooi-Suen    
  Lam Long-Hei ... Roy
  Gung Wan-Yiu    
  Ma Lee (2)    
  Mau Daat    
  Gam Chi-Yung    
  Michael Miu Kiu-Wai ... Peter's father
  Jaime Chik Mei-Jan ... Peter's mother
  Hui Fan (1) ... Sister school principal
  Nam Hung ... Sister vice principal
  Jimmy Wong Ga-Lok ... Michael
  Dolphin Chan Hoi-Hang ... Chris
  Fiona Brockway ... Dancers' audition judge
  Wong Man-Ching (1)    
  Kingson Shek Siu-Lun    
  Cho Sai    
  Cheung Ji-Kok ... Mr. Poon
  Chui Mei-Ling    
  Lam Chak-Kwan    
  Leung Ka-Chun    
  Jacky Leung Hiu-Fung    
  Gwong Wing-Yan    
  Leung Hoi-Ling    
  So Sing    
Production Company
  United Filmmakers Organisation (UFO)
  Mark Lee Ping-Bin
Production Manager
  Fan Kim-Hung
Art Director
  Lau Man-Hung (2)
Costume Designer
  Vivian Lam Pooi-Yee
Assistant Director
  Dang Wing-Yiu (2)
  Lui Jim
  Mark Lui Chung-Tak

Lee Ching Wan (Kelly Chen) is a recent graduate of the Academy for the Performing Arts. She is auditioning for a part in a musical. At the same time, she decides to teach at a boarding school for presumably expatriate kids. Shrimp Man, aka Mr. Lam (Aaron Kwok) is a PE teacher at the school. The main focus is for Miss Lee to lead the kids in a choir competition. - Yellow Hammer