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The Blacksheep Affair (1998)
Alias: The Thundering Sky
Alias: Another Meltdown
Country: Hong Kong
Genre: Action 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Release Date: 02/14/1998
  Lam Wai-Lun (1)
  Alex Law Kai-Yui
  Roy Szeto Wai-Cheuk
Action Director
  Tony Ching Siu-Tung
  Alex Law Kai-Yui
  Vincent Zhao Wen-Zhuo ... Yim Dong
  Shu Qi ... Chan Pun
  Andrew Lin Hoi ... Keizo Mishima
  Ken Wong Hop-Hey ... Hung Wai-Kwok
  Kenneth Tsang Kong ... Lone
  Joe Cheung Tung-Cho ... Chinese Ambassador to Larvernia
  Xiong Xin-Xin ... Captain Kiang
  Lau Shun (1) ... Commander Chan at airport
  So Wai-Nam ... Chinese ambassy's security staff
  Chan Sek ... Chinese ambassy's security staff
  Huang Kai-Sen ... Chinese ambassy's security staff
  Law Wai-Kai    
  Leung Yat-Ho    
  Jude Poyer ... Prisoner attacking Keizo
  Mike Ian Lambert ... Prisoner attacking Keizo
  Mike Miller ... Prisoner attacking Keizo
  Tony Tam Chun-To ... Task force member
  Ma Yuk-Sing ... Task force member
  Wong Wai-Shun ... [Stunt]
Production Companies
  Win's Entertainment Ltd.
  Eastern (HK) Film Production Co., Ltd.
Filming Companies
  Win's Entertainment Ltd.
  Eastern (HK) Film Production Co., Ltd.
  China Star Entertainment Group (Hong Kong)
  Apple Kwan Pak-Suen
  Puccini Yu Kwok-Ping
Production Manager
  Rita Fung Fung-Jan
  Tsang Tsz-Kin
  Ng Gam-Chiu
Art Director
  James Leung Wah-Sing
  Jason Mok Siu-Kei
  Marco Mak Chi-Sin
  Angie Lam On-Yee
  Ng Kin-Man
Costume Designer
  Shirley Chan Goo-Fong
  Julia Chu
  Charles Heung Wah-Keung
  Chui Bo-Chu
  Yip Lin-Lui
Assistant Director
  Eddy Yeung Kwok-Wai
  Sylvia Liu Jing-Yi
  Hoh Gam-Lin
Hair Stylist
  Joe Fan Gin-On
  Chow Man (2)
  Hung Hin-Fat
  San Wai-Lik
Assistant Action Director
  Xiong Xin-Xin
  Ma Yuk-Sing
  Guk Hin-Chiu
  Tony Tam Chun-To

After finishing off an airline hijacker, the heroic but insubordinate soldier Yim Dong is sent to Lavernia as an attache to the Chinese Embassy, where he joins an army buddy. Lavernia has more troubles than your average fictional former-USSR country in Eastern Europe. There are Chinese boat people who are being denied aid and throwing themselves into the harbour (how the hell did they get to Europe ?!), protestors wanting the return of the communists, a sleazy and corrupt Defence Minister who is (among other things) selling weapons to the Red Sun cult whose leader Keizo Mishima, was recently captured there by Yim Dong. And Dong has enough problems of his own. The sight of a little girl dancing reminds him of childhood sweetheart Pun Chan. Then, soon after, she appears. Dong hasn't seen her since she ran away from Tianenmin Square in 1989 (whereas he stayed to fight) to live in Croatia, from where she traced him. Dong takes her to meet friendly Chinese bar owner Lone, who offers her board. But Lone is not quite the kindly soul he appears to be......