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目露凶光 (1999)
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Circuit: Golden Harvest 
Genres: Horror  Action 
Rating: II B (Hong Kong) 
Theatrical Run: 10/16/1999 - 11/12/1999
Box Office: HK $3,915,929.00
  Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
  Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
  Joe Ma Wai-Ho
  Ho Man-Lung
  Ringo Lam Ling-Tung
  Joe Ma Wai-Ho
  Lau Ching-Wan ... Manson Man
  Tony Leung Ka-Fai ... Detective Pit Kwan
  Amy Kwok Oi-Ming ... Amy Fu
  Wayne Lai Yiu-Cheung ... Detective Bee/Ting Gun-Kwan
  Ngai Sing ... Shing
  Emily Kwan Bo-Wai ... Detective Po
  Hui Siu-Hung ... Detective Yee
  David Lee Wai-Sheung ... Detective David
  Chiu Yun-Kan ... Mr. Lai
  Joe Lee Yiu-Ming ... Uncle Kwai
  Kong Foo-Keung ... Detective
  Chan Man-Cheong    
  Wong Kwan-Hong ... Bald Head
  Lui Ngai    
  Suki Kwan Sau-Mei ... Grace Kwan
  Chung King-Fai ... Chairman Li
  Lam Siu-Cham ... Mrs. Li
  Rebecca Tam Si-Man ... Lin Yuk-Bing
  Joe Ma Tak-Chung    
  Joe Ma Wai-Ho    
  Jimmy Wong Wa-Wo ... Security Guard Wong
  Raymond Tsang Chau-Ming ... Security Guard Hon
  Mok Wai-Man ... Taxi driver
  Chan Po-Chun ... Barkeeper
  Lok Wai-Kuen ... One of Li's bodyguards
  Law Wai-Kai    
  Chang Kin-Yung ... Policeman
  Wong Man-Chun ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (5) ... Policeman
  Unknown 80s Police Actor (7) ... Policeman
Production Companies
  Mei Ah Film Production Co., Ltd.
  Brilliant Idea Group (BIG) Ltd
Assistant Director
  Soi Cheang Pou-Soi
  Danny Wong Hing-Fun
Script Supervisor
  Lee Ying-Hou
Director of Photography
  Ross Clarkson
Focus Puller
  Yip Wai-Ying
  Lee Yuk-Lun
Best Boy
  Tang Kwok-Hung
Art Director
  Jason Mok Siu-Kei
Costume Designer
  Tong Ping
  Midco Chu Wai-Fong
Hair Stylist
  Lau Wai-Hing
  Jackson Wong Wai-Ming
Sound Mixer
  Martin Chappell
Boom Operator
  Wong Chi-Yan (3)
  Andy Chan Chi-Wai
  Raymond Wong Ying-Wah
  Li Kuo-Hsing
Administrative Producer
  Patrick Tong Hing-Chi
  Ivy Kong Yuk-Yee
Production Manager
  Ken Wu Chia-Nuo
Associate Production Manager
  Cindy Yu Sze-Dik
Assistant Production Manager
  Mo Mei-Fan
  Andrew Wong Kwok-Kuen
Unit Manager
  Chow Lai-Yin
Car Stunts Director
  Chan Man-Cheong
  Miu Han Stunts
  Eddie Chan Shu-Chi
CGI Effects
  Cubists Limited
  Stephen Ma Man-Yin
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Cinecolor Digital Sound
Cantonese Dialogue
  Lung Tin-Sang
Mandarin Dialogue
  Mak Ching-Yan
Still Photographer
  Tang Chak-Shun
Tea Lady
  Leung Wun
Film Stock
  Tai Fung (Tsoi's) Co., Ltd.
  Union Film Laboratory, Limited
  Salon Films (HK) Ltd.
  Fine Art Production Co.
  Manson MA (LAU Ching-wan) is a part-time programmer who used to be a foreman in a printing company but he has been unemployed for over six months. He and his wife FU (Amy KWOK Oi-ming) are running out of money. One day, Manson is kipnapped and beaten by a gang. FU and Inspector Pit (Tony LEUNG Ka-fai) find him in a haunted house after the beating. FU and Pit discover that Manson is behaving like another person after his ordeal. Pit and his colleagues Bee (LAI Yiu-cheung) and Pee (HUI Si-hung) initially think Manson has been possessed by a ghost in the haunted house, where a horrible murder happened 30 years before. However, when they go back to the haunted house, they find more than they expected and they know that Manson's case is much more complex than they thought ...... [ryan]