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警花與流鶯 (1993)
Whore & Policewoman
Alias: Whore and Policewoman
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Adult  Action 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Huang Kuo-Chu
  Chan Hiu-Bing
  Huang Kuo-Chu
Action Directors
  Chak Ning
  Lee Hin (1)
  Chiu Yuk-Yin
  Hung Bing-Chung
  Julia Cheng Yim-Lai ... May Lin
  Nishiwaki Michiko ... Nancy Cheng
  Kwan Hoi-San ... Prosecutor Yin Li Shin
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Kao Tien Chin
  Lee Hin (1)    
  Kellie Lam Qui-Man    
  Siu Yuk-Lung (2) ... Thug
  Chak Hong-Ning    
  Kawee Sirikhanerut    
Assistant Director
  Chak Ning
  Cheung Hau-Jing
Script Supervisor
  Cheung Hau-Jing
  Tommy Tong Yue-Tai
  Ah Laai
  Bei Lik
  Grand Yip Wai-Keung
  Kwok Ting-Hung
  Chang Gong-Wa (1)
  Huang Kuo-Chu
  Lee Yam-Yuen
Film Coordinator
  Cheung Hau-Jing
  Chow Gung-Nok
Production Manager
  Ma On (2)
  Cheung Hau-Jing
Sound Post-Production Studio
  Wong's Recording Studio
  May Lin is a loudmouthed and boastful hooker, whose life dramatically changes when her room-mate Nana is nearly beaten to death by a masked client, then killed in hospital. A bunch of gun-toting goons (sporting sunglasses and suits) chase May. She goes into hiding, then contacts Prosecutor Yin Li Shin, who believes her innocent. Yin sends his niece, hot-kicking policewoman Nancy Cheng, to arrest and protect May. Nancy takes a bullet protecting May, and they gradually become friends. Later, May sees political candidate Kao Tien Chin and identifies him as Nana's masked assailant. But how to prove his guilt ? They cook up a plan?.