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China Dolls (1992)
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Yeung Chi-Kin
  Yeung Chi-Kin
  Chung Wai-Hung
Action Director
  Jacky Chen Shao-Lung
  Amy Yip Ji-Mei ... So May
  Lee Yuet-Sin ... Chau
  Lam Ching-Ying (1) ... Motorcycle policeman
  Wu Ma ... Lao
  Charlie Cho Cha-Lee ... Charlie
  Ga Ling (3) ... Middle girl in shower [uncredited]
  Jacky Chen Shao-Lung ... Policeman
  Suen Kwok-Ming ... Tong
  Ardy Lam Kwok-Wah ... Hua
  Yuen Kwok-Wa    
  Lee Hin-Ming ... Brother Hsiung's man
  Lau Ying-Lung    
  Choi Kwok-Keung ... Brother Hsiung [uncredited]
  John Wakefield ... [Uncredited]
  Ho Chi-Moon ... [Uncredited]
  Dick Tung Wai-Keung ... Client [uncredited]
  Fei Lung ... [Uncredited]
  Kei Biu-Law ... Mr Sandos [uncredited]
  Unknown 90s Actor (21) ... [Uncredited]
  Siu Sau-Chan    
  Hui Wai-Keung ... [Uncredited]
  Ng Yee-San (1) ... [Uncredited]
  Unknown 90s Actor (24)    
Production Manager
  Andy Tam Tak-Shing
Art Director
  Ruby Ko Pui-Yee
  Ardy Lam Kwok-Wah
  Tam Gwai-Hung
  Cheung Foo-Wing
Associate Production Manager
  Siu Sau-Chan
  Judy Wong Siu-Wai
  Yu Chun (1)
  Cheung Ka-Kui
  Vincent Leung Wing-Chan
Costume Designer
  Ko Wai-Ming
  David Lau Chi-Wing
Assistant Director
  Chung Wai-Hung
  Stephen Shing Gam-Wing
  A vicious series of events leaves mainlander May a widow, and having to give up her infant son. Six years pass. While briefly working in a hotel, she agrees to be illegally moved to Macau, among a group of girls headed for prostitution. The girls are caged and sprayed with water until they agree to this. May is befriended by loudmouthed Chau, and we follow them being taken to a variety of customers in seedy hotels. May plots to get to HK and find her son. When the amorous Mr Sandos becomes sweet on May, she sees a chance....