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No Guilty (1992)
Word by Word: Man Child Not Sin
Possible Meaning: Innocent Son
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Crime 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
  Cheung San-Yee
Action Directors
  Alexander Lo Rei
  Jue Gwan-Yeung
  Wong Sai-Goon
  Lam Wai (1) ... Jack
  Ku Feng ... Kang senior
  Siu Yuk-Lung (1) ... Chan Ga Ming
  Chan Wing-Chi (1) ... Lam Pau
  Gam Chi-Gei ... Pearl
  Alexander Lo Rei ... Inspector Lee
  Chen Shan (1) ... Kang junior
  Wong Ching-Lam ... Kang's thug
  Jue Gwan-Yeung ... Kang's thug
  Chan Yue-Ching ... Officer Lik
  Wong Chi-Sang ... Uncle Chung
  Lam Gwong-Chun ... Gangster
  Wong Sai-Goon ... Thug
  Mark Lung Goon-Mo ... Police chief
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (1) ... Thug
  Maxims Video (Hong Kong)
Assistant Director
  Alexander Lo Rei

Someone is killing and raping young women. Glamour photographer Chan Ga Ming is wrongly accused and his cop friend, Jack, tries to find the real culprit. But Jack is hindered by the actions of his brutal boss, Inspector Lee, who is determined to charge Chan, by fair means or foul. Chan's personal life is already in a mess. He is still working with ex-girlfriend Mary, who wants him to dump fiancee Pearl and come back to her. The accusation causes Pearl to break off the engagement. One of the murders is witnessed by Pau, who aspires to model for Chan. The real murderer is a horrid, smiling villain who wears loud red jackets, and whose father is a wheelchair-bound gangster, who is friendly with Inspector Lee. Most of the story concerns the efforts of Jack to clear Chan's name, with the help of Pearl and Pau.