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Cute Foster Sister (1979)
Alias: Kung Fu Terminator
Alias: Horse Boxing Killer
Alias : 俏師妹
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Martial Arts  Comedy 
  Chester Wong Chung-Gwong
  Wai San
Action Director
  Chin Lung (1)
  Jimmy Wang Yu
  Hilda Liu Hao-Yi ... Sheh Ying/Su Mei
  Simon Yuen Siu-Tin ... Drunken Master
  Wang Tai-Lang ... Grandfather
  Wong Goon-Hung (1) ... Chen Kang/Tsai Yuen Hai
  Lung Fei ... Pai Ying
  Ma Chin-Ku ... Thug in restaurant
  Gai Ming ... Buck-toothed rich man
  Philip So Yuen-Fung ... Ah Fung
  Wong Man-Chuen ... Owner of tofu shop
  Au Lap-Bo ... Mustached waiter
  Mau Ging-Shun    
  Cho Boon-Feng    
  Kong Ching-Ha ... Owner of food stall
  Hon Siu ... Gives money to poor
  Lee Siu-Ming (1)    
  Yu Bong ... Pork vendor
  Miu Tak-San    
  Woo Wai (3) ... Japanese
  Geung Yee-Gwan    
  Pang San    
  Woo Hon-Cheung    
  Clement Yip Chiu-Yuk    
  Chan Kai-Jun    
  Hui Man-Yui    
  Hung Kin-Wing    
  Hon Ging-Cheung    
  Maxims Video (Hong Kong)
  Maxims Video (Australia)
  Orchids International (USA)
  Orchids International (Canada)
  Stanley Chow Fook-Leung
  Lau Chung-Chuen
  Shen Hsiao-Yin

Sheh Ming happily spends her days improving her martial arts skills, with help from her brother and old father. She was long ago promised to Chen Kang as a bride, but she has never met him, and leaves home in protest. She goes to work in a bean curd shop. Separately, Chen Kang leaves home and ends up working in the same shop. Each is unaware who the other is. And things are further complicated by Sheh Ming pretending to be a boy. But things get nasty when the white-robed Pai Ying turns up.