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Devil Gambler (1991)
Country: Taiwan
Language: Mandarin 
Genre: Action 
Ratings: II (Hong Kong)  III (Hong Kong) 
  Wu Ma
  Go Ban
  Go Ban
  Siu Huen    
  Ku Feng ... Brother Lon [cameo]
  Wu Ma ... Uncle Hua
  Cho Boon-Feng ... Tien [cameo]
  Wong Sing (2)    
  Henry Luk Yat-Lung    
  Lam Gwong-Wing ... Policeman
  Shut Chung-Tin    
  Miao Tian    
  Kong Ching-Ha ... Party guest
  Hoh Gong (2) ... Party guest
  Li Zhi-Qi    
  Choi Foo-Gwai    
  Goo Chang    
  Tsai Hung    
  Yim Chung    
  Lin Gwai-Yuet    
  Gu Bao-Ming    
  Ngai Chi-Wong    
  Choi Chung-Chau    
  Li Min-Lang    
  Ngok Fung (2)    
  Wu Min (1)    
  O Yau-Man ... Party guest
  Miu Lai-Wan    
  Fong Lung    
  Chan Yue-Ching ... Fake nurse
  Ma Cheung (1) ... Assassin in party massacre
  Tang Keung-Ying    
  Tang Keung-Mei    
  Jue Gwan-Yeung    
Production Company
  Mascot International
  Universe Films Distribution Company Limited (Hong Kong)
Production Manager
  Ma Cheung (1)
  Yu Kai-Sau
  Wu Ma
  Polly Chiao Hsiang-Yun
Assistant Director
  Chui Gwok-Yin

A rich young woman's world collapses in one night, when her apparently respectable businessman father is killed by gangsters, who turn out to be former members of his gang. And, just for good measure, her boyfriend is bashed by thugs while she is raped by them. She sets out for revenge, by going to Las Vegas and contacting her Dad's trusted friend, Uncle Hua, who helps her join a secretive organization of professional killers.