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撞鬼 (1983)
Attack of the Joyful Goddess
Alias: The Ghost
Alias: 喜神報仇
US "Kung Fu Theater" DVD Title: Attack of the Venoms
(Wu Tang Collection): Attack of the 5 Venoms
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genres: Martial Arts  Ghost 
Release Date: 10/06/1983
Box Office: HK $1,610,026.00
  Chang Cheh
Martial Arts Directors
  Lu Feng (1)
  Chiang Sheng (1)
  Ricky Cheng Tien-Chi
  Chang Cheh
  Ricky Cheng Tien-Chi ... Siu Yuen-Hing / Knife thrower
  Chiang Sheng (1) ... Yu Choi-Won / Pretty boy
  Lu Feng (1) ... Cho Kam-Kuai
  Chui Chung-Fei ... Fa Yuk-Yung
  Lee Chung-Yat ... Bak Yuk-Lau
  Chin Shih ... Boss Suen Fung-Sang
  Chin Yung-Hsiang ... Commander Tam
  Chan Bik-Fung ... Chan
  Yu Tai-Ping    
  Wang Fei (12) ... Choi-Lon
  Wang Te-Sheng ... Ng Tai-Hoi
  Chris Lee Kin-Sang ... Tiger Ngai
  Liu Yin-Shang ... Madam Fuk
  Wang Chang-Chi ... Lam Hing-Fat
  Wang Kuo-Fei ... Chun-Loi
  Lan Yun ... Sir Chu
  Miu Keung-Sang    
  Chin Lung (1) ... Cheung-Lam
  Li Chu-Yong    
  Chai Kuang-Ning    
Production Company
  Hong Kong Chang He Film Co.
  Chiang Sheng (1)
  Lu Feng (1)
Assistant Director
  Man Man-Wang
  Chao Yu
Script Supervisor
  Lee Hui-Chi
  James Wu Kuo-Ren
  Sung Tin-Sang
  Chow Chi-Leung
Costume Designer
  Huang Yung
  Shao Chin
  Ching Yuk-Fung
Hair Dressing
  Yau Yee-Chan
  Sheung Chi
Props Assistant
  Koo Ling-Yuen
Sound Recordist
  Wang Yong-Fang
  Lam Sin-Leung
  Huang Mao-Shan
  Yang Su (1)
Production Manager
  Lee Chun-Hsin
Assistant Action Director
  Lam Kwo-Kei
Special Effects
  Lam Kwo-Kei
  Wong Shih-Li
  Lee Kuen (2)
Still Photographer
  Wong Foo-Hung
  Cho Bo-Chung
Filming Location
  Nothing joyful about this one ! A travelling Chinese Opera troupe is struggling to make a living under occupation forces. The local military commander wants the troupe's lead actress as his latest concubine. She's unwilling, and is devoted to her childhood sweetheart, also a troupe member. Considering their situation serious, the troupe leader hatches a plot - kill the sweetheart in order to break down the girl's resistance, and therefore save the welfare of the surviving troupe members. Everyone agrees, though two members do so reluctantly. But the murdered man's ghost allies himself with the Joyful Goddess, and mischievously arranges for the guilty to be killed off, one by one. A dark tale, with parallels to Agatha Christie's "Ten Little Indians".