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The Rape After (1984)
Word by Word: Lewd Seed
Country: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Horror 
Rating: II (Hong Kong) 
Release Date: 05/10/1984
  Tom Lau Moon-Tong
  Tom Lau Moon-Tong
Action Director
  Benz Kong To-Hoi
  Cheng Hung-Ching
  Melvin Wong Gam-San ... Mr Mo
  Chang Hing-Yue ... Li Ting Ting
  Shrila Chun Wai-Man ... Shu Ya
  Teresa Ha Ping ... Nurse Yin
  Wong Yat-Fei ... Drunk in coffin [uncredited]
  Chan Yau-Hau (1)    
  Robert Hung Law-Bat    
  Seung-Goon Yuk    
  Che Hung (3)    
  Baan Yun-Sang ... vomiting monk
  Tai San (1)    
  Chan Tak-Ming    
  Cheung Sek-Aau ... old priest
  Leung Tak-Wai    
  Lui Tat ... Mr. Ho
  Man Ngai-Tik ... Doctor
  Tom Lau Moon-Tong
Production Manager
  Eddie Chan Shu-Chi
Art Director
  Wong Ho-Yan (1)
  Tom Lau Moon-Tong
  Cheung Kwok-Kuen (1)
Script Supervisor
  Wong Ho-Yan (1)
  Wingo Chan Dung-Chuen
  Cheng Meng-Hua
  Chan Cheung (3)
Assistant Director
  Wong Hung (2)
  Tang Siu-Lam
  Yau Lam

Misleading title. Fashion photographer Mo likes collecting antique works and young women. One day, he collects one of each, and the combination gets him into more than he bargained for. He spends the night with the girl, but a demon which lives in the statue screws the girl while she sleeps. The girl later discovers she is pregnant and runs to Mo, but he's already moved on to a woman he is soon to marry. In a curious coincidence, his fiancee is also the daughter of the man from whom he stole the statue. Mo agrees to drive the girl to hospital when she is about to give birth, despite tomorrow being his wedding day, to sign papers as the father. The car runs off the road and the girl dies of burns. So Mo is now free to get married and live happily ever after. Yeah right. But the demon has other ideas, and brings the girl back to life. Well, kind-of back to life.....