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極度誘惑 (1992)
Endless Temptation
Alt Title: Raging Vendetta
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese 
Genre: Adult 
Rating: III (Hong Kong) 
  Chan Ta
  Chan Siu-Kwan (4)
  Chan Dai-Wai (2)
Action Director
  Chiang Tao
  Chan Siu-Kwan (4)
  Newton Lai Hon-Chi ... Tony
  Yeung Chung-Yan ... Tony's colleague/Nancy's lover
  Mei Yim-Hung ... Nancy
  Ng Yee-San (1) ... Maria
  Nancy Liang Lan-Si    
  Yu Miu-Lin ... Wife in rollers
  Yuen Ling-To ... Taxi driver
  To Siu-Ming ... Cross-eyed photographer
  Gam Biu ... Man in blue kimono
  Chiang Tao ... Gangster
  Diego Swing ... Senior police officer
  Cheng Leung-On    
  Chan Kwok-Man (1)    
  Chan Yat-Sin    
Executive Director
  Yim Siu-Yi
  Manny Hoh Ming
  Ho Hak-Wai
  Lam Chau (2)
Art Director
  Law Man (4)
  Choi Siu-Jan
  Siu Nam
  Nancy Liang Lan-Si
Film Coordinator
  Yim Siu-Yi
Production Manager
  Thomas Leung Man-Lung
Unit Manager
  Leung Wing-Yim
Recording Studio
  108 Records Ltd., Co.
Cantonese Dialogue
  Chan Hung-Gaai
Sound F/X
  Chan Tei
  Hong Kong Color Movielab Ltd.
  Law Man (10)
  The misadventures and bed-hopping of a group of people, whose connection is a cleaning lady named Maria. Nancy is married to Tony, but she fancies a colleague of Tony's. In the meantime, Nancy beds Maria. And Maria is also fancied by a man in a blue kimono, who slips his wife a mickey and tries to get it off with Maria. Nancy finally plans a night of passion with Tony's colleague, and pays Maria to take the night off. But Maria is attacked by thugs, prompting Tony to come to her rescue, and leads to discovering Nancy's infidelity.