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奔出江湖路 (1978)
Assault of Final Rival
Alias: The Chang Gang
Origin: Hong Kong
Language: Mandarin 
Genres: Martial Arts  Drama 
  Li Su (1)
  Tomas Tang Kaak-Yan
  Lau Tak-Sun
  Don Wong Tao ... Chen Wai, Shaggy Dog
  Lam Yi-Wa (1) ... Ah Ming
  Lung Fei (1) ... Master Ma Tien Po
  Li Long-Yin    
  Susan Tsang Siu-San    
  Goo Leng    
  Li Chin-Kuang    
  Unknown Taiwanese Actor (2) ... Shopkeeper
  Na Je    
  Ho Kang ... Abbot
  You Peng-Sheng ... Leader of fighters at the end
  Lee Man-Tai ... One of Ma's men
  Wu Te-Shan ... One of Ma's men
  Shih Ting-Ken ... Fighting monk
  Hui Man-Yui    
  Lee Kwan-Chung    
Production Manager
  Cheung Chung-Leung (1)
Executive Director
  Yang Che
Filming Location
  When Chen Wai has a bad hair day, watch out, it could be fatal. Wai has a long pigtail which he wields with sometimes deadly force, until his lady plays Delilah to his Samson. But instead of knocking down the temple, he returns to it, to get back to his spiritual roots. Things might have been pretty dull if there he stayed but, fortunately, he goes out into the material world again, where a bunch of vigilantes come after him.