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Cheung Chi-Suen  ♂

Friend of Heung
Bride a la Mode (1952)

As Luck Will Have It (1955)

This Wonderful Land (1955)

Beautiful Spy, Kawashima Yoshiko (1955)
Cheung Chi Suen<br>Mourn for the Storm-Beaten Flower (1956)
Mourn for the Storm-Beaten Flower (1956)
Cheung Chi-Suen<br>The House of Sorrows (1956)
The Sad Wife in a Grand House (1956)
Cheung Chi Suen<br>A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)
A Peaceful Family Will Prosper (1956)

The Seven Heavens (1956)
Cheung Chi-Suen<br>A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
A Tale of Laughter and Tears (1957)
Cheung Chi Suen<br>Gift of Happiness/May Heaven Bless You (1958)
May Heaven Bless You (1958)

A Beautiful Girl at War (1958)

Larceny (1961)

Larceny (1961)

Longing for Mother's Return (1962)
Cheung Chi Suen
The Magic Cup(1962)
The Magic Cup (Remake) (1962)
Cheung Chi Suen<br>Revived Rose, The (1963)
The Revived Rose (1963)

The Strange Hero 'Flying Swallow' (1963)

In My Dream Last Night (1963)

Take a Husband (1963)

An Ill-fated Beauty (1963)

A Blundering Wife (1964)

Dreams Come True (1964)

In Search of a Father (1964)

Love and Passion (1964)

Sword of Justice (1964)
Cheung Chi-Suen
  <br>Under Hong Kong's Roof (1964)
Under Hong Kong's Roof (1964)

Student Prince (1964)

The Blood-Stained Butterly Mountain (1965)

The Valley of Death (1965)

Doomed Love (1965)

Inside the Bedroom (1965)

Dim-Sum Queen (1965)

The Funny Girl Joins the Army (1965)

Love Never Fades (1965)

Adventures of a Woman in a War (1965)

Little Foursome Family (1966)
<br>Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)
Duel in Moonlight Bay (1966)

I Want You (1966)

One Duel Too Many (Part 2) (1966)

A Fatal Adventure (1966)
Cheung Chi Suen
Miss. Mr. Mrs. (1967)