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丁亮(1)  ♂
Ding Leung

Revenge of the Twin Phoenixes (1962)

The Unbearable Sorrow (1963)

The Millionaire's Daughter (1963)

A Loving Couple (1964)
Ting Leung <p>
Under Hong Kong's Roof (1964)
Under Hong Kong's Roof (1964)

Tears of Pearl (1965)
Ting Leung<br>Story Between Hong Kong and Macau, The (1966)
The Story Between Hong Kong and Macau (1966)

The Golden Age (1969)

Spring Summer Autumn Winter (1969)

The Storm of the Ancient Bell (1970)

The Storm of the Ancient Bell (1970)

The Jugglers (1970)

The Flaming Bulwark of Miao (1973)

Struggle for Lives (1979)

Duel of Death (1980)